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The practice has recently become registered as a ‘Primary Care Research Practice’. We look forward to working with an involving our patients in this important aspect of health care.

What is Research?

Research is the way new knowledge is found. It is used to test new treatments or ways of delivering care.

What is Primary Care Research?

When research takes place in a community setting, such as a GP surgery, it is called ‘Primary Care Research’. Primary Care Research is concerned with the prevention of disease, new medical technologies, such as a new drug, health promotion, screening and early diagnosis, as well as the management of long-term conditions such as heart disease.

Why take part in research studies?

It has previously been found that people who take part in research studies can find it rewarding and often enjoy taking part. You might learn some more about the condition being studied. Taking part in research can also help other people, such as others with the same problem as you, or those who might develop it in the future. Some research tries to find new ways of preventing health problems. You can also sometimes take part in research as a healthy volunteer. This means that you don’t have any problems yourself but that you volunteer to try out new treatments or ways of delivering care.

How will this affect me?

If you are eligible to take part in a research study we are running you will be told about it by your doctor. You will also get some written information about the study. You may hear about it face-to-face or get a letter in the post from the practice.

It is up to you if you want to take part. Your care and how you are treated by staff will not be affected if you decide that taking part is not for you.

Being in a study can be a good experience. All studies have been reviewed by a group of experts that have experience in looking at research.