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School Advice for Parents

School Advice for Parents

1/.        Risk to children from COVID much lower than adults

2/.        Schools have done loads of work to make them as safe as possible

3/.        Discuss with your school if you are worried, they will be able to tell you what they have done to make it safe

4/.        If your child was previously ‘shielding’ this has now paused, but your hospital consultant will be able to advise if there is any reason clinically your child should not attend school

5/.        If your child lives with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable, their specialist should be able to advise whether there is any reason your child can’t return to school

6/.        Face coverings useful for secondary school children and advice is they should wear in communal areas in school and if travelling on public transport or by school bus.  Not recommended for primary, or younger, children.

7/.    Most important things still as follows: 

  • Don’t send your child to school if they have COVID symptoms, get them tested and keep them home until you know the test result.  If it’s negative they can return to school when they feel better.  If it’s positive they need to stay at home for 10 days from the start of symptoms (and the household needs to stay at home for 14 days from the same point)
  • Wash your hands…often and properly…including every time you’ve been outside and come back inside, before you eat and after you’ve been to the toilet
  • Catch it, bin it, kill it
  • Keep your distance – still 2 metres from others wherever possible

Advice for Parents During Coronavirus

Please click here for advice for parents when your child is unwell or injured.